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• Edexcel, Cambridge GCE & IGCSE O/L Theory, Revision and crash courses

• Edexcel, Cambridge GCE AS and A2 Theory, Revision and crash courses with


• Unit Exams at the conclusion of each unit

• The conclusion of each course culminates with comprehensive past paper


• The conclusion of each course is followed by a ‘mock exam’.

• LIVE, INTERACTIVE, ONLINE Classes for international & local students





1.  Students attending group classes are requested to make the payment of tuition fees within the first week of the month. (beginning of per four classes) Students attending individual classes should pay their fees on the same day of the class. No student is expected to attend lectures / practicals without the payment of tuition fees.


2.  Students should carry their Students Record Card whenever attending lectures & it should be produced at the office at the end of the lecture. Students who fail to carry their cards may be refused admission to the lecture room. In case of lost card, a new card will be issued for a cost of Rs.100/-


3.  The tuition fee for group classes will be charged for the entire month. Requests made for daily payment of fees for group classes will not be entertained.



4. Fees have to be paid in advance for the entire month 9per four classes). No deductions will be made for classes missed by students. However if a student fails to attend lectures for an entire month (due to a valid reason) there will be no fee charged for that month. Please make sure that you give prior notice in such situations


5.  Cancellation of classes by the lecturer due to unavoidable circumstances will be informed to students individually through the contact numbers provided in the Registration form. Therefore students are requested to report any change of contact numbers to the office.


6.  Classes cancelled by the lecturer will be covered on an alternate day.


7.  Do not be late for lectures. Students are advised to be on time & make sure that they bring the relevant study packs for each lecture.


8.  No extra fee will be charged for the study packs provided at each lesson. The study packs are with strict copyright laws hence photocopying & distributing the study packs among students who are outside this institution is strictly prohibited. Students found guilty of violating such laws may be expelled/ suspended from the institution.


9.  Students are strictly advised to study the previous study pack notes before entering into a new session.


10.  Please switch off mobile phones or have them on silent mode during class hours. Disturbance will not be tolerated.


11.  Students who fail to maintain an average of 75% attendance for three consecutive months will be expelled unless valid proof is presented.


12.  Students who score less than 40% in unit examinations have to meet the lecturer with their parents in order to continue the course.


13.  Please make sure you obtain an official receipt for all transactions made at our office.


14.  Students are prohibited to handle any chemicals/ apparatus outside the practical session. All practicals should be done only under the supervision of the lecturer. Students found guilty of violating laboratory safety rules will be suspended from practical sessions.


15.  Students are advised to make the best use of the institute Reference Library. Books are not allowed to be taken out of the institution, however photocopies may be obtained from the office by placing an order.


16.   Photocopies of the study packs of the missed lessons may be obtained at the office for the students who join late at a cost of Rs.5/- per A4 sheet (double side)


17.  Decent behaviour is expected at all times inside the institute premises & outside. Please do not disturb the other institutions in the building.


18.  Video taping & taking photographs of the lecture is strictly prohibited. However voice recording may be allowed with the permission of the lecturer.


19.  Please feel free to drop in your suggestions to the suggestion box. This will help us to ensure a better standard of education.


20.  Chembase is a boys only institution. Requests made for admission of girls to the institute will NOT be entertained. However girls are permitted & encouraged to follow the Live, interactive Online classes held by chembase. For more details visit : -> Online Classes


21.  Students are strictly advised to spend sometime at home for quiet & careful study. Many students take life easy at the beginning & try to cover up at the last moment. Ponder over these lines;

  Height by great men reached & kept,

  Were not attained by sudden flight;

  But they, while their companions slept,

  Were toiling upwards in the night.


  We wish you all success & hope you will enjoy the stay with Chembase.