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Chembase Produces the BEST Chemistry Student IN SRI LANKA for the Second Consecutive Year @ the Cambridge GCE A/L 2013 Examinations.

Students Achieving 100% & ‘A Stars’ at the Edexcel /Cambridge 2013 A/L & O/L Examination

Kanishka Iddawela                             (Colombo International School)          Ch3 100% (Edexcel AS)

Ahamed Rizkhan Munaz

(Royal College)

Ch6 100% (Edexcel A2)

Rajnesh Shandhan Manohar              (St. Thomas’ College Mt. Lavinia)      Ch6 100% (Edexcel A2)

Ammar Moulana                                (Private Candidate) 

Ch3 100% (Edexcel AS)

M.Aadhil Ismail                                (Belvoir College International)            Ch3 100% (Edexcel AS)

Thevin Udara Wanasekara- 

BEST IN SRI LANKA              

(Lyceum International)                        A* Star (Cambridge A/L)

Wasula Prathap Kumbukage              (Lyceum International)                        A* Star (Cambridge A/L)

Minusha Weerasuriya                       (Alethea International) 

 A* Star (Cambridge O/L)

Ryan Rukshan Indatissa                    (Asian International School)                A* Star (Edexcel IGCSE O/L)


Muhammed Fathih Firthouse             (Royal Institute)                             A* Star (Edexcel IGCSE O/L) 


Hasan Shabbir                                  (Burhani Serendib Int. School)           A* Star (Edexcel IGCSE O/L)

Mohomed Inshaf Shanfari                  (Minhal International Boys’ School)    A* Star (Edexcel IGCSE O/L)

Students Achieving 100% & ‘A Stars’ at the Edexcel / Cambridge 2012  A/L & O/L Examination

Thurairathnam Pranavsharan             (St.Peter's College)

Ch3 100% (Edexcel AS)

Ahmed Amjed Nizam                  (St.Peter's College)                            Ch6 100% (Edexcel A2)

N.M.Gunadasa                                  (Bishops College)                         Ch3 100% (Edexcel AS)

Praveen Kanagasabai                        (Lyceum International)                        A* Star (Cambridge A/L)

Kalaivanan Sasitharan

Won the Cambridge High Achievers award for Chemistry       (Kingston College International)          A* Star (Cambridge A/L)

Jurayn  Ravitharan                             (Alethea International)           

A* Star (Cambridge O/L)

Ayman Faiz                                      (Lankan Int.School -Saudi Arabia)     A* Star (Edexcel IGCSE O/L)

Students Achieving 100% & ‘A Stars’ at the Edexcel / Cambridge 2011  A/L & O/L Examination

Ahmed Amjed Nizam                        (St.Peter's College)                           Ch1 100% (Edexcel AS)

Daemiel S.Lanron                              (Royal Institute)                                Ch1 100% (Edexcel AS)

Ahmed Amjed Nizam                        (St.Peter's College)                           Ch2 100% (Edexcel AS)

Adnaan Nazeer Noor                          (Lyceum International School)           A* Star (Cambridge A/L)              


Saajid Wasik                                   (Colombo International School)          A* Star (Edexcel IGCSE O/L)

Abdul Rahman Ifham                         (Colombo International School)          A* Star (Edexcel IGCSE O/L)

Aqeel Fassuhudeen                          (Colombo International School)          A* Star (Edexcel IGCSE O/L)

Mussab Cassim                               (Colombo International School)          A* Star (Edexcel IGCSE O/L)

Students Achieving 100% & ‘A Stars’ at the Edexcel / Cambridge 2010 O/L & A/L Examination

Prasansana D Gunadasa                   (St. Thomas’ College Mt. Lavinia)      Ch1 100%  (Edexcel AS)

Shashitha Kularatne                         (Royal Institute)                                Ch4 100% (Edexcel AS)

Prasansana D Gunadasa                   (St. Thomas’ College Mt. Lavinia)      Ch3 100%       (Edexcel AS)

Hussain M. Hassan                          (Lyceum International)                        A* Star       (Cambridge A/L)

Abdurrahman Rifdhi                           (Gateway International)                      A* Star (Edexcel IGCSE O/L)

Markandu Keetahshan                       (Royal Institute)                               A* Star (Edexcel IGCSE O/L)


Students Achieving 100% & ‘A Stars’ at the Edexcel / Cambridge 2009 A/L Examination

Sheranga Fernando                           (St. Thomas’ College, Mt. Lavinia)     Ch1 100%       (Edexcel AS)

Sheranga Fernando                           (St. Thomas’ College, Mt. Lavinia)     Ch2 100%       (Edexcel AS)

Aaqib M. Azeez                               (Colombo International School)          Ch3 100%       (Edexcel AS)

Vishnavan Sri Ranga                          (Royal Institute)                                Ch2 100%       (Edexcel AS)

Shashitha Kularathne                        (Royal Institute)                                Ch1 100%       (Edexcel AS)

Shashitha Kularathne                         (Royal Institute)                                 Ch2 100%       (Edexcel AS)

Shashitha Kularathne                         (Royal Institute)                                 Ch3 100%       (Edexcel AS)

Leon Franklin Julius                           (Lyceum International)                        A* Star            (Cambridge A/L)


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At Chembase we've Created the Ideal Chemistry for Chemistry

Welcome to Chembase School of Chemistry, which has provided world class training and education in the field of Chemistry for over 8 years for local & foreign students.

Chembase is an institution dedicated to the improvement and advancement of Chemical Science, featuring a range of attractive teaching modes. It is a truly unique institution, and probably the only institution of its kind in Sri Lanka, which is solely dedicated to the purpose of imparting knowledge of Chemistry, with regard to the London O/L’s and A/L’s.

When you walk into the Chembase School of Chemistry one is immediately struck by an air of professionalism and
dedication that immediately assures you that the students who walk through these doors are definitely going to meet the required standard and get to their desired goals in life.

Once you’ve absorbed this soothing atmosphere you will then meet the maestro behind the magical chemistry, the Head of Chembase, Imran Razeek… one of the very few individuals in Sri Lanka who is ‘really’ qualified to run a teaching institute of this caliber.

Imran has completed Part 1 of the Graduateship Course in Chemistry including the Section A Practicals conducted
by the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, College of Chemical Sciences, which is equivalent to that of a 3 Year (B.Sc.)
Degree in Chemistry.

He was a visiting lecturer in chemistry at Pentagon Academy (June 2006 - May 2008) for Ordinary and Advanced
Level and also possesses a Certificate in General Teaching (Science).

“I am passionate about what I do because as a student I remember sometimes
how difficult it was to grasp the subject. Based on my experiences I decided that
it was almost my duty to come up with innovative and modern techniques of
teaching chemistry …and I sincerely hope I have succeeded.”

The amazing track record of the school is ample proof… an impressive number of students obtained 100% results at the Edexcel 2009,10,11,12,13 A/L Examinations along with "Top in Sri Lanka" award at the 2013 Cambridge A/L Examinations, while many students obtained A stars.

This impressive track record is made possible due to the very many new techniques, processes and easy…almost
fun methods that Imran has introduced.

For example, ‘the study pack’ method has proved to be an extremely effective booster for students, and what’s more erases the need for hefting around heavy loads of books etc to the classroom.
Also the application of IT in a big way is a great help to students who have broadband internet facilities to enable
easy access to research and development activities.
A fully fledged, well equipped laboratory with viewing and audio facilities for safe demonstrations is a vital part of the school.

Imran excels in his communication skills and further says…” I want to transform this intricate and complex subject
of chemistry into an easy to learn, easy to grasp almost fun subject and I’m confident that the Chembase School of Chemistry is getting to that point when students will be actually looking forward to their next class!”

Chemistry is a discipline fundamental to a wide
variety of careers in industry, research and
relevant health fields. A strong foundation in
chemistry is necessary to pursue a path in
medicine, molecular biology, bio chemistry,

industrial or government research,
pharmaceuticals, chemical engineering and

A solid background in chemistry may also be
useful for a career in chemical sales, industrial
management, business administration and

environment management.

The Chembase School of Chemistry was
established in 2006 to furnish the facilities for
all these areas and for the improvement and
advancement of “Chemical Science” in regard to
the Edexcel, Cambridge Ordinary and Advanced
Level Examinations.

Chembase is conveniently located at
No. 34, 1/2, Galle Road, Dehiwela.

Aims & Objectives

To provide a comprehensive education in chemistry upto GCE Advanced Level

• To provide the required laboratory and library facilities to develop basic and practical

   research skills

• To provide clear, focused lectures and relevant examinations to further advance the

  cause of chemistry

• To implement innovative methods of teaching which includes the application of ICT

   and Laboratory demonstrations

• To publish and provide a range of books and instant notes for revision and study


• To transform the student both academically and personally into maturity thus paving

   the way to a strong route to higher studies

• To counsel and advise students with matters pertaining to the application of


Our Vision


To provide an above average system in the teaching of chemistry and to take the

subject to a whole new level giving students the opportunity to excel and enjoy a

subject which sometimes is misinterpreted as difficult and hard to grasp.



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